COVID-19 – Update 14 September 2021.  As the world continues to be gripped by the covid-19 pandemic our first thoughts go out to all those who have been touched by the virus, and especially to those who have lost loved ones. We fully support the efforts being made around the world to combat the virus, and at the same time we are painfully aware of the need for tourism to return to Africa. Worldwide lockdown measures are highlighting the difficulties faced by both human and wildlife populations in Africa. As a company specialising in wildlife tourism we are acutely aware that with no tourists there is a rise in poaching of Africa’s iconic animals and the sooner tourism can restart the sooner protection for the wildlife will strengthen once more. There is a delicate balance between irresponsibly promoting tourism to return too quickly and waiting so long that the conservation infrastructure collapses.

The delta variant is now the dominant variant in many of our destinations, as it is in many of the countries from which our clients originate. As such, many countries are now permitting their citizens to travel freely once again to our safari destinations. We are now accepting bookings to all destinations.  However, we want to be honest up front and say that for the next few months to “proceed with caution”. Countries are changing their regulations frequently and often with immediate effect. In some ways there has never been a better time than right now to have an amazing African safari, but please be aware that travel anywhere is not as simple as it was.  We discuss all issues and eventualities with each client before making any definitive arrangements. Along with your personal safety it is also imperative at this time that your financial wellbeing is protected. We will discuss in great detail with each client the full implications of bookings and in many cases have negotiated bookings with NO CANCELLATION FEES until as little as 2 days to a week before travel.

We would love to welcome you to experience the warmth and wonder of Africa, and believe with the right planning the continent is ready to shine once again.

Discover Africa with those that call it home

The word safari is Swahili for journey. Let us take you on a journey into the heart of nature, where wild things roam and we are mere spectators, a Safari In Style.

An African safari is the ultimate dream for many people. Here at Safari In Style we like to make dreams come true. With a team with more than 50 years experience in selling African safaris we are perfect people to make your unique dream a reality. We offer safari travel across Africa, from the most famous game reserves to the hidden gems few people ever visit.

Whether you want a Zambia safari, a city stay in Cape Town, to lie on the beach in Mozambique or visit Victoria Falls we have the perfect fit for you. We tailor make every itinerary for you, designed around your wishes and your budget. We hand-pick the accommodation that we recommend and all our tours are backed up by in country 24 hours assistance.

Remember you will NEVER pay more booking through us than you would going direct (usually much less) and you have all the benefits of booking with an experienced operator.

leopard and cubs MalaMala


Browse our selection of itinerary ideas to whet your appetite! Whatever your style of safari you are sure to find something that will appeal, but don’t forget, we tailor every journey specifically to you, so you know you will always find exactly the right one!

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From luxury lodges with private plunge pools overlooking the wilderness to oceanfront apartments in Cape Town and everything in between! See our suggested lodges and camps for ideas to make your safari dreams finally become a reality. What are you waiting for?

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We love safari, but there is also so much more to see in Africa, beyond safari. Why not explore more of amazing Africa, from thundering waterfalls to luxury trains or some extravagant retail therapy or maybe just kicking back on a tropical beach.

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A smarter way to do safari

Our team has over half a century’s worth of experience creating the most memorable safaris across Africa, so we have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to find your perfect safari. We are also big enough to ensure that you will never pay more working through us than you would booking the properties directly. So, relax, let us take care of the logistics, and just enjoy the incredible adventure that awaits you in this most amazing continent. 

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say about us. 

It sounds cliche but “Safari In Style” is just what the doctor ordered. They were incredibly thoughtful and proactive, asking lots (lots!) of questions in advance in order to understand my goals, expectations, budget and priorities. Their recommendation was, simply, perfect. They were attentive in organizing the safari, helped coordinate my travel, checked in in the days before I left, and made sure when I got home it was all I’d wanted. Disconnected from the modern world, surrounded by subtle luxury and understated service, excellent food and drink, and an opportunity to be out in the wild with intelligent, hospitable guides: Safari In Style delivered on every front. As I write this, I’m motivated to drop them an email and do it all over again this July! Thanks, guys!!

A. Weller – Alexandria, VA, United States

Warwick organised a wonderful trip to Namibia for us in 2016. This was our first trip to Namibia and marked both a Big Birthday and 30th Anniversary. Warwick could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable about the area, accommodation and different options available to us. The trip was professionally customised to our special interests in wildlife, whilst still giving us a really good overview of the country – and met our needs perfectly. Warwick is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Safari in Style.

A. Adcock – Cumbria, United Kingdom 

Safari in Style is an excellent experience, start to finish. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous, and attention to detail every step of the way is unparallelled. The words “elegance” and “ease” come to mind. For the trip of a lifetime and enviable photos, I enthusiastically recommend this company.

H Mills – Roanoke, VA, United States