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Namibia – the land of wide open spaces

By |September 20th, 2017|Categories: Safari Travels|0 Comments

“The Land of Wide Open Spaces ” is what they call it, and a very apt name too. This is a land where you can look from horizon to horizon and see no sign of human interference, just pure exhilarating wilderness. This is a land of such stark contrasts that the soul aches with its beauty. This land is rugged, serene, stark, bountiful and above all wide open!

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5 hours ago

Safari In Style

Elephants eat a lot (up to 270kg or 600lbs in a day) and up to 18 hours doing so....there is no time to stop eating when baby wants to suckle!

To experience these fantastic eating machines yourself start at www.safariinstyle.com

#safariinstyle #southafrica #elephant

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1 day ago

Safari In Style

Time for a good stretch like these cheetahs.....you need to be ready for Monday all! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!

If it gets too much....book a safari at www.safariinstyle.com

#safariinstyle #botswana #cheetah

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3 days ago

Safari In Style

If you go back a few hundred years wild animals roamed every corner of South Africa, including the area that is now the city of Cape Town. As man expanded so the animals habitat reduced. Thankfully South Africa has some incredible wildlife reserves. Not only National Parks, but also private initiatives to bring back wildlife to all areas of the country, and as we are “live from Cape Town” for the next couple of weeks, what better than showcasing a private reserve just 3 hours drive from the city. The wonderful Sanbona Wildlife Reserve , am amazing wildlife refuge and home to much more than just the “Big Five”.

If you want to visit, start your planning at www.safariinstyle.com

#safariinstyle #southafrica #capetown

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