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Namibia – the land of wide open spaces

By |September 20th, 2017|Categories: Safari Travels|0 Comments

“The Land of Wide Open Spaces ” is what they call it, and a very apt name too. This is a land where you can look from horizon to horizon and see no sign of human interference, just pure exhilarating wilderness. This is a land of such stark contrasts that the soul aches with its beauty. This land is rugged, serene, stark, bountiful and above all wide open!

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60 minutes ago

Safari In Style

Namibia is one of the most underrated safari destinations in Africa, but for the best experience you need to know when to go! If you hit it at the right time you could see some spectacular sights, like this, as all the animals gather around the few remaining water sources.

Want a trip to Namibia that won't break the bank? Try our self-drive highlights tour - www.safariinstyle.com/itineraries/namibia-at-your-speed/

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2 days ago

Safari In Style

Lions don’t generally like water....mud even less. This guy was not impressed by the time he joined his muddy brothers!


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3 days ago

Safari In Style

Meerkats have to be some of the most gorgeous creatures out! And South Africa offers some great opportunities to get in on the cuteness action!

If you want to see meerkats up close and personal let us start planning your dream trip - www.safariinstyle.com

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