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Namibia – the land of wide open spaces

By |September 20th, 2017|Categories: Safari Travels|0 Comments

“The Land of Wide Open Spaces ” is what they call it, and a very apt name too. This is a land where you can look from horizon to horizon and see no sign of human interference, just pure exhilarating wilderness. This is a land of such stark contrasts that the soul aches with its beauty. This land is rugged, serene, stark, bountiful and above all wide open!

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6 days ago

We absolutely love Jamala Madikwe, Royal Safari Lodge, one of the finest lodges in Africa. As much as we love their luxury villas, wonderfully warm service and sublime food, the real star of the show is the wildlife and it doesn't get much more adorable than this scene.www.safariinstyle.com #southafrica #safari #lion #cub #madikwe ...
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1 week ago

A striking guinea fowl just showing its head through the undergrowth in South Africa's Kruger National Park #southafrica #guineafowl #kruger #safari ...
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2 months ago

Our week of coming to you “live” comes to an end, but it has been spectacular! The best news is that South Africa is flinging open her doors to all travellers again soon. This means you can come see these incredible sights for yourself! #safariinstyle #safari #southafrica #giraffe ...
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