Do you know what your ideal safari is?

Just as each of us is a unique individual, so is what we want from our travels. There really is no such things as a “one size fits all”, thank goodness! Understanding what it is that you would like from your adventure helps ensure that you get the best possible experience when you are in Africa.

Below you will find links to, what we think, are the three most important starting points for deciding what will be right for you. Have a look through, see which ones best suit what you want and then get in touch with us and we can start to build your ideal safari.

What type of safari do you want?

They are all the same right? Nope! There are many different types of safari available out there. Which one will be right for you? Read on here to find out some of the amazing options that are available for you.

Where to stay

Do you want that true Out of Africa experience or is a luxury suite with a private rim-flow pool overlooking the African savannah more your type? There are so many options, explore them with us!

What do you most want to see?

Not all parks across Africa are home to the same animals and birds. So if you really want to see certain animals or tick off new birds on your list, chose your destination carefully! Read on for more information about how to make sure that you head off in the right direction. You are travelling a long way, make the most of it!