On Safari

For most people, safari is the main aim of their trip to Africa, and being prepared can be the difference between enjoying the trip and having a true once in a lifetime experience. Understanding simple things like what to wear, or knowing what to expect of your day can really make a big difference to your enjoyment.

A typical day on safari

While it is impossible to describe a day on safari for every lodge or country, here we will give you a “typical” day on safari at a private lodge or camp throughout much of the continent.

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What to wear on safari

It may seem trivial, but having the right clothes can be vital on safari. Have a look at our handy guide to understand why this is so important.

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Packing list

Now that you have packed the right clothes, let’s give you some hints and tips for what else to add to your bag!

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Above all else, don’t go looking to just tick the Big Five off a list. Go with no expectations and a willingness to embrace the sheer nature above spotting a specific animal. We know that’s hard, especially for a first time visitor, but trust us, you will enjoy your safari so much more!