Lodges and Camps

Where to stay on safari is a very important decision. You need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. We realise that often the choice is not only decided by personal preferences, but also by budget. Fortunately there is something to suit all tastes and nearly all budgets across Africa. The choice of safari lodges and camps is so extensive it is impossible to list them all. We have been lucky enough to experience much of what the continent has to offer. We focus on the products that offer the most authentic and best value experience for any given taste or budget.

Tented Safari Camps

Being under canvass in the African bush is a wonderful experience. The good news is that whatever your wish list is, there is a tented camp that will suit your needs. Whether you want a true wilderness experience or you want to languish in luxury, there is a tented camp with your name on it!

Pic: Onguma Tented Camp – Etosha – Namibia

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Bush Camps

The definition of a “bush camp” is very subjective. There are many properties around Africa described as bush camps, that vary widely. We use the term “bush camp” to describe simple, non-tented safari camps, often in beautiful and remote areas. These camps are all about the wilderness experience rather than the accommodation (that is not to say they are not comfortable).

Pic: Mwamba Camp – South Luangwa – Zambia

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Safari Lodges like other types of safari accommodation can vary from the basic to the ultimate in luxury. We have bravely spent years visiting as many safari lodges as we can, so we can advise our clients which ones we think make the grade!

Pic: Jamala Madikwe – Madikwe – South Africa

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Restcamps are found in several of the major national parks in South Africa and Namibia, and offer accommodation for self-drive clients in some of the best locations. Accommodation is usually comfortable, but fairly basic. There are usually self-catering facilities and often canteen style restaurants if you don’t want to cook. Most are accessible in a normal vehicle, and allow you to explore the parks at your leisure during daylight hours. We generally advise clients to stay at the full service camps and lodges rather than restcamps, but realise for some that restcamps are the best option.

Pic: Restcamp – Kruger National Park – South Africa

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