Sorting the wheat from the safari lodge chaff

Not all safari lodges are created equal. The safari element is probably the most expensive part of your journey, hence choosing to get the maximum experience from your hard earned pound, dollar or euro is important. Many lodges look great from pictures, but don’t necessarily back it up in reality. Many rely on a dated reputation or simply take advantage of location to charge unreasonable rates. Therefore, you need to take time to understand what you want from your accommodation. As a result your experience will be so much more enjoyable.

Let’s guide you through what is available, because your ideal match is out there!

Simply safari

Simplicity doesn’t mean inferior by any means. There are safari lodges that get the balance of providing quality, uncomplicated accommodation with a wonderful safari experience just right – like the excellent Motswari (pictured) in South Africa’s Timbavati reserve.

Size matters!

There are some wonderful large lodges, like the Serena Serengeti (pictured), and are great for those who enjoy the buzz of lots of people, as they typically attract tour groups. As a result, if you are looking for a more intimate experience, be sure to look for smaller lodges.

Fit for royalty

Sometimes the lodge is just so special, that it is as much of an attraction as the safari itself. There are a few very special places, scattered across Africa that offer such incredible accommodation, gourmet meals and exceptional service that you might not want to go on safari! Like the wonderful Jamala Madikwe (pictured)