The safari for everyone

The restcamps of southern Africa provide the opportunity for everyone to get to experience a safari. With accommodation option to suit every budget, and the chance to drive your own vehicle around some of the most celebrated wildlife destinations on the planet, there really is no reason to say a safari is beyond your means. While the camps themselves are generally basic, the are normally in some of the best wildlife areas. They are also the perfect option for those that do not want to be constrained by the set times of the normal safari lodges and camps.

Simple comforts

Restcamps provide simple accommodation in various forms from tents to full guesthouses, and in some instances a certain degree of luxury. The standard however, is exemplified by this bungalow at Letaba restcamp in the Kruger National Park (pictured)

Best locations

For all they lack in sophistication and luxury, restcamps are usually found in the best wildlife locations. Often you can view game without even leaving the restcamp – perhaps no where more so than Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha, Namibia (pictured)