Why we are

Why we are, might sound like a strange statement, but is very important to us. What started as a simple passion for being out on safari, grew into a realisation that safaris could be a catalyst for so much more. This has helped define who we are today, and now lies at the very core of our business.

Central to everything we do is the desire to “Bring Happiness Through Safaris”. This may seem like a simple goal, after all, who isn’t happy on safari? But, we want to spread the benefits as far as possible. More than that, we believe it is vital. With each and every client that travels with us we want to:

  • Fulfil their dreams to witness Africa’s amazing wildlife in its natural habitat.
  • Conserve and promote the incredible diversity of flora and fauna across the continent.
  • Improve the lives of the people of Africa and share the benefits of tourism with them.

We strongly believe without tourism improving the lives of those living in Africa, there will be no sustainable conservation policy. This will mean disappearing wildlife and vanishing dreams of being able to experience the wildlife in its natural habitat. It is simple really, if everyone benefits, going on safari can be so much more than just seeing the Big Five.

To achieve our goals, we create journeys that are unique to each individual, in an attempt to make sure that they get the most out of their time in Africa. We understand that there is no such thing as one size fits all, and the better the individual fit, the more enjoyable the experience.

In creating these individual experiences, we try to promote destinations, properties and experiences that contribute in some meaningful way to the “chain of happiness”. A perfect example would be one of our favourite lodges, The Outpost Safari Lodge, in the northern Kruger National Park. In 1969 the land was forcibly taken by the apartheid government, and the tribe removed so that the land could become part of the Kruger National Park. In 1996 the Makuleke people made a land claim to get back their ancestral homeland. In 1998 an historic agreement was reached, with the South African government returning nearly 200 square kilometres of land to the Makuleke tribe. Instead of insisting on re-occupying the land, the tribe committed to leaving it as part of the greater Kruger National Park, ensuring the conservation of the area. In return, select private lodges, such as The Outpost Safari Lodge were built in partnership with the community. The lodges committed to not only pay rent for the land, but more importantly to provide extensive training in tourism and hospitality to tribal members to ensure a brighter future for generations to come. For visitors, it is not just that their stay will benefit a larger community, but they will get to experience one of the most beautiful, unique and remote regions of the Kruger National Park.

In addition, Safari In Style will make a donation for each passenger that travels with us to one of these four organisations that are making Africa a better place, one step at a time. As our client, you get to choose where your donations go.

African Parks

African Parks – an amazing organisation protecting wildlife in some of Africa’s most threatened areas. Currently African Parks are preserving and growing parks in Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, in some of the most challenging environments on the continent. The main picture at the top of this page shows an amazing herd of elephants in the Zakouma National Park in Chad, a reality only made possible by the work of African Parks. Read more about their amazing work at african-parks.org


Uthando (love) South Africa – since 2007 Uthando has been harnessing the power of tourism to make a positive impact on the lives of poorest residence of Cape Town and surrounds. Not only do they make a huge difference in the lives of many people, but they also offer you, as a visitor, the chance to visit and be part of the change they are creating. We highly recommend spending a day with Uthando as part of any visit to Cape Town, for more information visit uthandosa.org

Zambia Carnivore Programme

Zambian Carnivore Programme – Zambia is home to some of the greatest concentrations of large carnivores left in Africa, and the Zambian Carnivore Programme is dedicated to conserving these populations, and extensive research to help carnivore populations across the continent. See what they are all about at http://www.zambiacarnivores.org/

Purple Kennel Project

Purple Kennel Project – because when people show kindness to domestic animals it spreads and creates awareness about the need to protect all animals. This wonderful initiative uses reclaimed palettes to build (yes purple) kennels, that are then distributed around the poorest townships of Cape Town during the winter months, offering protection for the street dogs from the cold and rain. Follow what they are doing at https://www.facebook.com/purplekennelproject/